Fort Louis

View from Fort Louis, Marigot

The fortress overlooking the centre of Marigot attracts not only history enthusiasts, but all those who do not despise the magnificent view.

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Fort Louis is the perfect place to stop for an hour during a trip to Marigot or a road-trip around the island.

The fort was built in 1789 to protect the town and its important harbour. It was commissioned by King Louis XVI.

Originally a wooden fortress, it was significantly strengthened and rebuilt into a stone castle during the 19th century.

Today, only the foundations and parts of the perimeter walls remain, but we still recommend a visit to Fort Louis for the spectacular views of the surrounding area. From here you can see SXM airport and the shores of the British island of Anguilla.

Admission and opening hours

Admission to the ruins is free.

Fort Louis is not fenced in any way and therefore access is available 24/7 so that you can enjoy the night views.

How to get there?

The fort can be accessed directly from Marigot, there is a road that starts just outside the harbour and there are signs pointing the way.

The elevation is high, but the distance is not even 500 meters, so even less trained hikers can reach the top.

The free parking lot is only about 100 meters below the fortress.

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