Sint Maarten in a nutshell

Saint Martin

Saint Martin is an island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea about 250 km east of Puerto Rico. It belongs to the northern part of the Leeward Islands and is part of the Lesser Antilles.

It is the smallest permanently inhabited island in the world, which is divided between two countries, namely France and the Netherlands.

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The island's biggest attractions are its beautiful beaches and nature, and especially the world-famous Maho Beach, where you can experience the take-off and landing of aircraft such as the long-range Airbus A-330 at close range.

The island is also a frequent stop for cruise ships sailing the Caribbean.

The entire island Dutch part French part
Population 75 000 44 000 31 000
Area 88 km2 35 km2 53 km2
Name St. Martin (EN) Sint Maarten (NL) Saint-Martin (FR)
Currency Most U.S. dollars (USD) United States dollar (USD)
Antillean gulden (ANG)
Euro (EUR)
US Dollar (USD)
Language Most English English
Dutch (very little)

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