The town of Furnas, situated by the lake of the same name, is a popular volcanic tourism destination. On the shores of Lagoa das Furnas you can walk among the sulphurous steaming fumaroles, while in Furnas don't miss a visit to the hot springs.

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The city itself is really beautifully landscaped, with many parks in bloom all year round, clean streets and very tastefully designed public spaces.

Right in Furnas, enjoy 4 sites of thermal and volcanic activity.

Caldeiras das Furnas and Lake Furnas

On the eastern outskirts of the town you will come across the beautiful Jardim da Courela garden adjacent to the Caldeiras das Furnas site. Free to enter, this is a public park with lots of flowering shrubs, a cool river and a number of mud pools, sulphur geysers and mineral springs.

Although you are not officially allowed to swim here, you can at least get your feet wet in some of the mud pools, but be sure to heed the warning signs that prohibit touching the boiling springs.

The tradition of the local "volcanic dish" Cozido das Furmas has its roots in Caldeiras das Furnas Park. Beef and vegetables are placed in a pot, buried in the ground at the fumarole site and slowly cooked over volcanic gases.

At the very other end of the town, by Lake Furnas, there is an area of sulphur benches that you certainly can't touch, but there are several wooden paths that lead across the town, from which you can enjoy both the view and the typical sulphur smell. Entrance is for 3 eur.

Terra Nostra Park

Definitely the most beautiful place in Furnas is the hotel's Terra Nostra Park, a large garden with many paths winding through the dense green vegetation with shrubs and flowers of a thousand colours.

The main attraction here, however, is the thermal lake, where you can feel the beneficial effects of the healing water, especially on the skin. The Terra Nostra lake may not be a very inviting place to swim, as the water is completely brown, but once you dive in, you won't want to get out. The water has a constant temperature of around 29 °C.

The price includes entry to the park including a swim in the pond. If you're hesitant about whether it makes sense to pay 10€ to enter the park, definitely sacrifice this money. In our opinion, Terra Nostra Park is one of the most beautiful man-made places in the whole of the Azores.

Poça da Dona Beija

Poça da Dona Beija's private spa boasts 5 stone pools with muddy iron water that is constantly flowing thanks to the built-in cascades, resulting in a pleasant massage effect in addition to the constant change of water. The water here is particularly therapeutic for the skin and its temperature averages 39 °C.

Although this spa is located practically directly in Furnas, you will be surrounded by a beautiful environment of wild nature and the typical Azorean forest.

It is necessary to make an appointment for the spa in advance through the aforementioned website.

Accommodation in Furnas

Thanks to the thermal springs, the town is ready for tourists with several spa hotels, which are of course complemented by many private apartments. It is also a good starting point for hiking throughout the eastern half of São Miguel. Here you will find, besides many restaurants, for example a Spar supermarket.

How to get to Furnas?

The town is best reached by car as it is on the main ring road around the island. However, it's far enough away from the major towns for there to be a lot of traffic. Furnas is also quiet and peaceful on the roads and all public parking is free. The distance to Ponta Delgada is 43 km.

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There are also several bus lines that go to Furnas, unfortunately the current timetables are not available online, only the 2013 version. However, the line numbers and number of connections per day should, give or take, match.

  • Ponta Delgada, Lagoa and Povoação - 3-4 times a day line 318
  • Ribeira Quente - 5 times a day (2 times at weekends) line 317
  • Ribeira Grande - 2x daily 110 (continues to Ponta Delgada but is longer than line 318)

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