Central Market Hall


There is no more iconic place than the Central Market, located in what were originally military hangars designed for German Zeppelin airships.

In the five hangars you will find literally everything from fresh fish and seafood, to meats, cheeses, herbs, spices, teas, confectionery and the freshest fruits and vegetables. This mix of scents and colours is complemented by the sale of a wide variety of household goods and clothing.

There are restaurants, cafes and toilets on the premises.

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Even if you don't intend to buy anything listed above, be sure to set aside time to visit the market. It's worth it.

During the Soviet era, Riga's Central Market was considered the largest, most modern and best marketplace in all of Europe. Today, this "navel of Riga", together with the Old Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What to buy

Although fresh fish or caviar is tempting to buy, as travellers we have limited options to store for the duration of our trip.

At home, you can get more durable, low-storage foods like:

  • loose teas
  • spices
  • hard cheeses
  • confectionery ranging from Turkish honey to churchella (Georgian honey with nuts)

Oh, and if you're feeling peckish, we recommend buying fruit for immediate consumption, ideally washed down with water in a toilet or hotel. The water is drinkable in Riga, even from the tap.

You can also find freshly squeezed juices or cafes and restaurants cooking with local goods.

How to get here

As you walk through the Old Town, it's just a few more steps and you're at the Central Market. The way here is via the cycle path along the Daugava River embankment or the underpasses at the Central Railway Station.

What to see around

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