Monument to Freedom

Monument to Freedom

The Freedom Monument has stood erected on its site since 18 November 1935. The granite column and the copper statue at its tip are 42.7 metres high and can be found on the north-western border of the Old Town, behind the Riga Canal, in a small square between the parks.

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During the occupation of Latvia by the Soviet Union, it was long considered for demolition, but in the end it was preserved. During this time, any gathering under the monument was forbidden.

It was not until 1990 that the Freedom Monument became the main venue for demonstrations, and after Latvia regained its independence in 1991, a guard of honour was again stationed at the monument.

Throughout the memorial you can see 56 figures in 14 different groups and a total of 4 height levels.

The lone woman at the top is holding three golden stars that embody the cohesion and unity of the historical regions of Latvia - Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale.

The motto "For the Fatherland and Freedom" is carved in the base of the monument.

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