Isola dell Asinara


The second largest island off the coast of Sardinia, Isola dell'Asinara was once a prison and a station for cholera patients.

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Today it is a popular tourist destination for walking or cycling tours and an ideal destination for day trips from the resorts in the north of Sardinia.

A national park with dolphins and donkeys

The prison was closed in 1997 and since then the only animals you will find in the national park of the same name are albino donkeys, falcons and many other unique animal species, as well as plant species.

The national park also includes the underwater area between the islands of Asinara and Sardinia, where dolphins, for example, are often found.

During a short boat trip from Sardinia to Asinara, there is a good chance that your boat will be accompanied by bottlenose dolphins.

The extremely rugged coastline of Asinara creates beautiful small bays with only a minimum of visitors. A visit to the island is simply a natural balm for the soul.

Beaches and swimming

Because of the rugged coastline, there are not many beaches on Asinara and when you do find one, it is usually just a small rocky strip with an unpleasant rocky entrance to the water.

You don't come to Asinara for the beaches, but for the quiet atmosphere and walks.

How to get to Asinara

You can either go with an organized tour or take a public ferry on your own.

Organised tours cost around 90 eur in high season and usually leave from the town of Stintino (for example, the company

The public ferry runs from Porto Torres twice a day, 3 times in the holidays and the trip takes an hour and a quarter. The exact timetables can be found on the website of the shipping company Return tickets are available at 15 eur in low season or 18 eur in high season (June to September).

Cycling or walking around the island

There are no motorized vehicles on Asinara (the only exception is the National Park Authority's vehicles), so the only way to get around Asinara is on foot or by bike.

You can find a bike rental shop right at the Fornelli dock on the island. A mountain bike rental costs about 15 eur per day, an electric bike about 45 eur. Details can be found on the rental website.

The island is about 15 km long, so renting a bike is definitely worth it if you want to get to know Asinara well.


There is no accommodation on the island, the most convenient places are the marinas from which you will be setting off. Take a look at all the offers:

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