A popular resort with a harbour, the town of Propriano is located on the south-west coast of Corsica in the deep bay of Valinco, which makes for a beautiful summer beach holiday.

Find the best hotel in Propriano

Due to its relatively exposed and poorly protected location, Propriano has been destroyed several times in the past by raids by various warlords across the centuries. As a result, most of the centre dates back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, but this doesn't detract from Propriano's romanticism.

The main avenue is bustling with life, shops and restaurants, while on the outskirts you'll find large supermarkets and plenty of accommodation options.

Beaches and swimming

Proopriano ranks as one of the main resorts in Corsica. In fact, there are 3 beaches right in the town and another ten in the surrounding area. All of Proopriano's beaches are covered with fine white sand and are decorated with a gentle entrance to the sea.

  • Plage du Lido, a lively, bustling beach right in the centre of town, is smaller and often overcrowded, but has everything from restaurants to water activities.
  • Plage du Capu Laurosu - over 2km long natural beach hidden behind Cape Laurosu but accessible on foot from Propriano in 1.5km along the coast. The beach is without facilities, very spacious and in a beautiful natural setting.
  • Plage de Propriano - connected to Lido beach, located right in the centre of the town, but a bit quieter

In the surrounding area, we recommend for example Plage de Campumoru in a beautiful bay ideal for snorkelling and quiet relaxation (towards the south-west of Propriano).

Accommodation in Propriano

Propriano is one of the centres of tourism in the south of Corsica, and the wide range of accommodation available corresponds to this. Prices range from 84 eur to 183 eur per night depending on the season.

We also add specific tips on the best deals:

  • Hôtel Le Claridge *** - a relaxed classic hotel in the centre of the village, which is also one of the cheapest in Propriano
  • Hôtel Beach ** - one of the cheaper but nicely furnished hotels right on the beach
  • Le Lido *** - the most famous hotel in Propriano on a small promontory between Lido and Propriano beaches, surrounded on three sides by the sea

How to get to Propriano?

The town is very accessible by car on the main Corsican road T40. From Ajaccio, Propriano is 71 km away, while from Bonifacio in the south it is 64 km.

There is also a C1 bus line that passes through the town 2-3 times a day, connecting Ajaccio and Bonifacio, see the timetables:

What to see around

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