Roccapina beach


The most beautiful beach in southwest Corsica is definitely the romantic Roccapina, situated in a relatively small bay and deep valley.

The beach is overlooked by an old watchtower dating back to the Genoese Republic, which stands on a slender 150-metre high rock massif that separates Roccapina from the much longer but less spectacular Erbaju beach.

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Roccapina Beach

The fine white sand beach is less than 200 metres long and is sandwiched between the granite massif of Lion de Roccapina, which nature has shaped into a lion's head, and the 200-metre-high Punta di Roccapina mountain.

The narrow bay surrounded by cliffs creates magical scenery and the crystal clear, calm water is ideal for swimming and snorkelling. The disadvantage of Roccapina is its notoriety and therefore frequent overcrowding.

You won't find any equipment here, so be sure to pack all your snacks to take with you.

How to get to the beach?

The beach can be reached directly by car on a gravel unpaved road. It turns off the main T40 road at the Auberge Corali Hotel, the turn-off is not marked, so check the exact location on the map where the dirt road disconnects from the main road.

Erbaju Beach

Behind the rock massif with the watchtower is the much longer and considerably emptier Erbaju beach.

Almost 1.5 km long and in some places up to 100 metres wide, a strip of fine white sand stretches along the open coast, creating ideal conditions for swimming. You won't enjoy snorkelling here because of the deeper water and the absence of rocks under the surface.

At the northern end of Erbaj, you'll find a restaurant and sunbed hire, while in the middle and southern parts of the beach you shouldn't be surprised to find cattle often resting right by the sea. The pastures start literally just a few metres from the beach.

How to get to the beach?

Erbaj can also be reached by car and there is no asphalt road, only a gravel road. It leaves the main road at the same point as the Roccapina beach, but after 20 metres you have to turn right, while at Roccapina you turn left.


You won't find any accommodation on either beach, but there is the aforementioned Auberge Coralli guesthouse at the turn-off from the main road, with reasonable prices of around 81 eur per night even in the high summer season.

In the small village of Serraggia, you can stay in a very stylish traditional stone building called U casseddu, which will be yours for the duration of your stay. While from the outside it looks like it dates back to medieval Corsica, inside the holiday home is modern and fully furnished.

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