Lac de Melu

Lac Capitellu

One of the most popular mountain treks in Corsica takes you to the beautiful mountain lakes of Lac de Melu and Lac de Capitello (sometimes spelled Capitello) below the Monte Rotondo massif.

These mountain lakes lie at an altitude of around 1 800 metres and offer some of the most beautiful views in all of Corsica.

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Melu i Capitellu

The two lakes are just 300 metres apart, so you're sure to visit both Lac di Melu and Lac de Capitello at the same time when you wander into the area. Their typical glacial circular shape is as captivating as the monumental surroundings of jagged rock massifs clawing their way to heights of over 2,600 metres.

The lower Lac di Melu (1 710 m above sea level) is also the source of the Restonica River, which forms the popular hiking canyon of the same name.

The surroundings of Lac de Melu are covered with green scrub growing between granite boulders and the whole scenery invites picnics and relaxation.

The higher Lac de Capitello (1 930 m above sea level) is surrounded by almost perpendicular rock walls, with only the northern part of the canyon being accessed from Lac di Melu.

Hike to the lakes

The trek to the mountain lakes is also popular because it is not particularly long and can be done even by moderately trained travellers. It starts at the end of the D623 road through the Restonica valley.

You can park in the car park about 15 minutes walk from the start of the trek itself, paying 5 eur for the day.

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From the car park at 1,370 metres, you'll have a steep but relatively easy hike to Lac di Melu. It's 2,200 metres in one direction, and you can either take the same route back or a loop around a third lake, Lac de Goria.

  • Total distance: 4.5 to 7 km depending on the route chosen
  • Time: approx. 2-4 hours
  • Route map

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