Cascades Manganello


The Manganello River (sometimes spelled Manganella), flowing down from the massifs of the Monto Rotondo Mountain, creates magical waterfalls for many kilometres of its course, falling from the rock benches and creating hundreds of smaller and larger pools.

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Cascading rivers are commonplace in Corsica and you'll find hundreds of them all over the island, but the Cascade Manganello is one of the most beautiful in our opinion.

It's set in an idyllic landscape of pine forests, but it's more open than in other cases, and you'll enjoy spectacular views of the mighty Corsican mountains for much of the way to the cascades.

Walking along the GR20

The Cascades are so beautiful partly because they lie relatively far from the nearest road in the heart of the countryside, but at the same time no climbing experience is required to tackle them. Physical fitness is needed though, just because of the distance and elevation gain, but also the frequent boulder scrambling.

The GR20, the main Corsican trek, passes along part of the Manganello River, which you can use to reach the cascades. You have a choice of two routes, which can be combined with each other thanks to the train.

From Vivario

The significantly easier route from Vivario goes all the way through the Manganello valley. There are therefore no extreme elevation changes, except for very short stretches when crossing major terrain breaks. The first half of the path goes through dense forest, while in the second half the trees thin out a bit and you can enjoy the views. The whole path will run along the river and you can take a dip in it at any time.

Moreover, you can shorten the route if you don't start directly from Vivario, but from Tattone (Tatto) or Savaggio (Savaghju) station. Some services do not stop at the latter station on Fridays, Sundays and public holidays, see timetables:

  • Total round trip distance - 25 km from Vivario or 18 km from Tattone station
  • Elevation - 1 060 metres from Vivario or 745 metres from Tattone in one direction
  • Time (trained hiker) - approx. 8.5 hours round trip from Vivaria or 7 hours from Tattone
  • Route map,

From Vizzavona station

This route is considerably more difficult and you will have one long climb with some really significant rock walls as you ascend the 2,138 metre high Pointe Muratello. Climbing experience is not necessary, but fitness and good condition are essential.

The route starts at Vizzavona station and follows an initially comfortable route along the Agnone River through the English Cascades.

It then turns into an open but steeply ascending valley, which ends with a path through a trough of almost perpendicular rock faces. From the top of Pointe Muratello, a relatively easy descent awaits with beautiful panoramic views.

  • Total length of the route there and back - 33 km
  • Elevation - 1,355 metres in one direction
  • Time (trained hiker) - approx. 15 hours round trip
  • Route map

You can of course combine both routes. We recommend starting in Vivario or Tatton and finishing in Vizzavona, the climbs will not be as steep but rather more gentle and gradual.

By train or by car

Given the start of both routes at the train station, the Manganello Cascades are one of the few natural highlights of Corsica that can be visited without a car. Trains run about 5 times a day on the main route between Ajaccio and Bastia, which is enough to plan a trip comfortably.

Timetables can be found on the official website of the Corsican Railways: [translate=none]

You can also park your car free of charge at all stations.


As the journey to the Manganello Cascades takes a full day, accommodation at the start or end of the route will definitely come in handy.

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