Îles Sanguinaires


One of the most beautiful places to watch the sunsets and the sea is just a few kilometres from Ajaccio.

The Îles Sanguinaires archipelago, known as the Blood Islands, consists of 4 small islands scattered in the sea off Cape Pointe de la Parata, where the best views can be seen.

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Although the origins of the name conjure up romantic notions of the islets having played an important role in one of the bloody battles of Corsica, or of the red colour of the rocks at sunset, the origins are more prosaic. It is probably a corruption of the name Sagon Islands, which has appeared on maps since the 16th century.

Unique flora and beautiful views

Although rocky at first glance, the islets are home to more than 150 species of rare plants and are also the breeding ground for many species of birds.

But the biggest attraction is surely the breathtaking views from both the mainland's Cape Parata and from the Phare des Sanguinaires lighthouse, which stands on the 50-metre-high promontory of the largest island.

How to get to the islands?

The island with the lighthouse can only be reached by boat with an organised excursion from Ajaccio. These trips are organized by several agencies and their prices range from around 30 eur to 45 eur.

The price usually only includes transport from Ajaccio to the largest lighthouse island and back. Examples of agencies:

The viewpoint of the Pointe de la Parata promontory is easy to reach by car, there is a large free car park nearby. The number 5 Ajaccio public transport bus line, also known as Navette des Plages, also has a terminus at this car park. To pay for a ticket visit 2,20 eur, to see the driver 3 eur.

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