Lozari beach

Lozari Beach

The northern coast of Corsica is pleasantly open and rugged, allowing the existence of long sandy beaches with nice photogenic surroundings. One of the biggest and most popular ones is definitely Lozari (sometimes spelled Losari) near the resort of the same name.

Choose a hotel by the beach

Lozari is also one of the most accessible beaches in Corsica.

Swimming and beach facilities

The wide open bay allows views of the open sea and the distant coastline. The beach is covered in fine white sand and dotted with small restaurants and water sports facilities. They are also located behind a small sand dune, so the beach itself is relatively quiet.

  • The surface of the beach - fine white sand
  • Entrance to the water - gradual sandy
  • Length of the beach - 800 metres
  • Width of the beach - 20 metres
  • Sunbed rental - no
  • Toilets and showers - no
  • Catering - yes, small refreshment stands
  • Shops - no

If you're looking for a quieter beach away from the road, head about 4km east to Ostriconi beach.

Beachfront accommodation

The resort of Losari mainly comprises holiday villas or apartments, which are often sold out a year in advance. There's also one nice boutique hotel , Villa Calisti. Look for other hotels in the nearby larger town of Ille Rousse.

How to get to Lozari?

The main road T30 runs directly through Lozari, the short detour to the beach is only about 200 metres. You can park all around the beach for free.

The distance from LʼÎle-Rousse is 9 km, from Bastia 81 km and from Ajaccio 134 km.

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