Lotu Beach

Plage du Lot

Lovers of more secluded beaches will enjoy the north coast of Corsica. Just a short distance from the larger and more famous Saleccia beach, you'll find the smaller Lotu beach in the desert landscape of Agriates, which is adorned with clear turquoise water and fine white sand.

Choose a hotel by the beach

Despite its remoteness from civilisation, the beach is popular and can be quite crowded in high season due to its limited size.

Swimming and beach facilities

The sea here is beautifully clear and calm, and the entrance is very gentle and safe. Nearby, you will find a small freshwater lagoon and a drier rocky landscape with scrubby vegetation, which contrasts sharply with the bright blue colour of the water in the sea.

You won't find any other facilities here, there are no restaurants or sunbed hire, and in high season there are occasional cold drink vendors, but definitely bring supplies for a day's stay.

How to get to the beach?

The most popular form of transport is the regular ferry from the town of Saint-Florent, which runs a larger boat for up to 220 people. The service is operated by Le Popeye and there are several options to choose from:

  • Return Saint-Florent - Lotu: 20 eur (July, August, first week of September) or 18 eur (April, May, June, rest of September).
  • Combo with Saleccia beach: €35 (July, August, first week of September) or 33 eur (April, May, June, rest of September)

Only smaller motorboats run between Lotu and Saleccia beaches.

The alternative car route is along a dirt sandy road and is not recommended for conventional cars due to the large potholes.

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