The Danish royal complex of Amalienborg consists of 4 rococo palaces and the Amalienborg Slotsplads with the equestrian statue of King Frederik V.

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Amalienborg still serves as the main residence of the Danish royal family and is considered one of Denmark's major landmarks. Part of one palace is also open to the public through a small museum.

Four Rococo palaces

Amalienborg Castle consists of 4 main palaces symmetrically surrounding a square. The whole complex was completed in 1768 and boasts a pure Rococo style. The Amalienborg royal complex is thus one of the largest rococo mansions in northern Europe.

The palaces are named after important kings:

  • Christian VII Palace - the southwestern building is used for receiving official visitors.
  • Kristian VII Palace - the north-west building is now a museum and is the only one open to the public as standard
  • Frederick VIII Palace - the north-eastern building is currently used as the residence for the Crown Prince
  • Palace of Christian IX - the south-eastern building is the residence of the current head of state

Amalienborg Museum

On the ground floor of Kristian VII Palace, visit the royal complex museum.

Here you will see several royal chambers with period authentic furniture and more than 150-year-old objects related to the monarchy.

It is open every month of the year at slightly different times, and you can find full opening times on the official website.

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Adults - 120 dkk
  • Students with ISIC card - 78 dkk
  • Combined Rosenborg + Amalienborg admission - 200 dkk for adults / 140 dkk for students

Official museum website:

Changing of the guards at noon

In the central square in the middle of Amalienborg, the royal guard with their typical high hats guards the main residence.

The changing of the guard has taken place every day since 1794 at 12:00 sharp.

You can watch the changing of the guard from the square without fear.

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Transport to Amalienborg

The complex is located right in the centre of Copenhagen and you can walk to all other major sights within 20 minutes.

The nearest metro station is called Marmokirkken and the M3 and M4 lines stop here.

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