Gefion Fountain

Phonate Gefion

The large and sprawling fountain depicts Gefion, the Norse goddess of virgins and agriculture, chauffeuring a troop of animals. You can also visit the Church of St Alban in the immediate vicinity.

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You'll find the fountain in Langelinie Park on the border between the city centre and the Østerbro district, and you'll pass it on your way to the Little Mermaid.

History and appearance of the fountain

The fountain is built on a staircase about 30 metres long and is one of the largest in all of Europe. The fountain depicts the birth of the Danish island of Zealand, on which the city of Copenhagen is located.

At the top, the goddess Gefjon stands carriage-riding four oxen pulling a plough. From the sculpture, water falls in 4 wide cascades into a pool by the sidewalk.

The Gefion Fountain was designed by Danish artist Anders Bundgaard and built between 1897 and 1908.

How to get to the fountain?

The Gefjun sculpture is located near the entrance to Kastelet Fortress and can be reached on foot from Nyhavn in about 20 minutes.

Just about 30 metres from the fountain is the dock for the Nordre Toldbod boat buses 991 and 992.

Less than 1 km away is the large Østerport railway station, where metro lines M3 + M4 and bus lines 23 and 27 also stop.

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