Devil's Throat and Trigrad Canyon

Devil's Throat

The unassuming little village of Trigrad, high in the Rhodope Mountains in a remote area near the Greek border, attracts tourists with its breathtaking natural scenery. The biggest attraction is the narrow Trigrad Canyon, over half a kilometre long and 350 metres high.

The wild Bujnov River flows along its bottom and a hiking trail leads along it to the second attraction, the Devil's Throat.

This is a cave complex over a kilometre long, into which the largest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula, with a height of 42 metres, falls impressively from the Trigrad Canyon. The entire complex is dominated by a cave over 100 metres long and 35 metres high. From the village of Trigrad, the caves are about 1.5 km away along a comfortable hiking trail.

The cave is open daily from 9:15 to 16:15 and the entrance fee is 3 bgn, or 2 bgn for students. Payment can only be made in cash.

In the next valley, about 30 km down the road from Trigrad, you will find the beautiful Eagle's Eye viewing platform above the village of Iagodina, which offers a spectacular view of the western part of the Rhodope Mountains. From the village of Iagodina you will climb steeply uphill on a marked hiking trail for about 2 km.

How to get there

We strongly recommend renting a car in Sofia or Plovdiv and heading into the mountains without depending on public transport.

The last town that has a relatively frequent bus service from Plovdiv or Sofia is Devin. From here you can take a minibus to Trigrad every weekday afternoon, and back early in the morning.

Even though the whole area is only a short drive from Greece, you'll find the nearest passable border crossing almost 100km away.

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There are many small guesthouses and guest houses in Trigrad and Iagodina. The choice is surprisingly wide and average prices are around 18 eur 29 eur per night for a double room.

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