Bulgaria in a nutshell


Situated in the south-eastern part of Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area.

To the north, the country borders Romania, where the Danube River forms the border. Its western neighbour is Serbia and Northern Macedonia, its southern neighbour is Greece and its south-eastern neighbour is Turkey. To the east, Bulgaria is bordered by the Black Sea.

Bulgaria is a country that opens its gates to thousands of tourists every year. Its greatest natural wealth is the Black Sea, whose name does not derive from its colour; on the contrary, the Black Sea is one of the most opaque, often with a visibility of up to 20 metres.

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Glittering sandy beaches, rocky coves, beach dunes and wooded hillsides await tourists along the 378 km long coastline.

Central, southern and western Bulgaria are filled with beautiful mountains full of marked hiking trails and tourist infrastructure. Yet, compared to the Alps, they are considerably less crowded, so you can enjoy hiking without the big crowds.

Population Area Name Bulgarian / English
6 385 000 110 993 km2 Bulgaria / България

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