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Transfer at Paris Orly Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 1. 9. 2023

The airport operates 4 terminals, which are connected by connecting corridors to form one large complex. Check-in at each terminal is divided by airline:

  • Terminal 1 (gates A, B): Air France (European flights), Air Malta, Alitalia, Chalair, Iberia, TAP, Twinjet, Vueling (some flights).
  • Terminal 2 (gates C): Air France (long-haul flights), Air Europa, easyJet
  • Terminal 3 (gates D): Air Corsica, British Airways, Level, Pegasus Airlines, Transavia, Vueling (some flights)
  • Terminal 4 (gates E, F): Air Algeria, Air Caraibes, Corsair, Flybe, French Bee, Norwegian, Royal Air Maroc, TUI Fly, Tunisair

A list of all airlines and their distribution by terminal can be found on the airport's website.

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Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are combined in one building, while Terminal 4 is located about 250 metres to the east. Terminals 1, 2, 3 can be reached by free automatic train or on foot through a connecting corridor.

Map of terminals

For easier orientation, take a look at the overall airport map or download detailed maps of each terminal in .pdf format from the official airport website.

Transfer between flights

When transferring between flights, just follow the yellow "Flight Connections" signs. After exiting the aircraft into the terminal, look for the departures board, which will be oriented by the departure gate number.

All terminals are also connected to each other by a transit zone, so there is no need to go all the way out.

Security and passport control

Do you have to go through passport control and-or security when changing planes at Paris-Orly? It depends on where you're flying from and to!

  • Schengen -> Schengen: no check
  • Schengen -> Non-Schengen: passport control
  • Non-Schengen -> Schengen: passport and security check
  • Non-Schengen -> Non-Schengen: security check
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