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Comiso Airport in a nutshell

David Eiselt updated 2. 2. 2024

The small airport of Pio La Torre is located in the south of Sicily. The nearest town is Comiso (9 km), after which the airport is named.

However, it is an excellent starting point to the beautiful historic town of Ragusa (25 km) or to the resorts with long flat beaches around Gela.

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Comiso uses one small terminal, but it is sufficient for the time being for the volume of traffic and is quite spacious inside. Check-in processes are short and you'll get through security in 5-10 minutes.

You can purchase tickets to Comiso mainly from other Italian destinations. Airlines such as Volotea, easyJet and Wizz Air have routes to the airport.

There are three other airports in Sicily with a much wider range of destinations:

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