Transportation from Cairo Airport


Transportation to/from Cairo Airport is quite chaotic and the easiest option is to use the mobile taxi apps Uber or Careem.

There are also public buses to the airport, but they don't stop directly at the terminals and getting to the centre is confusing and inconvenient.

For how to travel further around the city, read our guide to Cairo.

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Uber, Careem

The best option is to call for a ride with Uber or Careem using the airport wi-fi or your own data, which you can purchase via e-sim from, for example.

The exact pick-up point is not directly in front of the terminal where the taxis are parked, but usually in short-term parking lots always about 100 metres from the terminals.

The average prices for Uber or Careem services are as follows:

Prices for these mobile apps are dynamic and increase with demand. Expect the highest prices between 10pm and 2am and also between 6am and 11am.


Official white taxis are ubiquitous at the airport and within Cairo at all hours of the day and night.

However, taxis in Cairo do not run on a meter and as a tourist you have little chance of negotiating a similar price to what Uber or Careem will offer. Taxi drivers at the airport know that they will always catch someone who accepts their price, so they don't try too hard to haggle.

If you're going from downtown to the airport, your chances of negotiating a good price are already significantly better.

Taxi drivers usually start with a quote around 500 egp and you're not likely to negotiate a price below 300 egp from the airport to downtown.

City buses

There are many city buses operated by the CTA to the airport.

The buses only stop at the bus terminal located about 1 km from each of the terminals (location at

A free airport shuttle bus runs from all terminals to the bus station with several stops within the airport grounds.

The shuttle bus stop is marked "Airport Shuttle Bus" and is always located directly in front of the terminal. The ride is free and the bus runs 24/7 with a frequency of 10-25 minutes.

Routes and ticket prices

The airport has many bus routes to the surrounding neighborhoods that serve mainly employees.

You will probably be looking for a bus to the city centre to the main bus station "Abd al Moneim Riad" near Tahrir Square. If you don't see any buses with the line number at the bus stops, simply ask locals or drivers by simply repeating the name "Abd al Moneim Riad". Someone will always advise you.

  • Line 356 - goes to Abd al Moneim Riad (Tahrir) station and also stops at Ramses train station
    • Fares - 15 egp
    • Modern air-conditioned buses
    • Express route, stops only at selected stations (journey takes 60-70 minutes)
    • Runs between 6:30am - 11:00pm
    • Frequency - 20 to 40 minutes
  • Line 400 - goes to Abd al Moneim Riad (Tahrir) station and also stops at Ramses train station
    • Fares - 10 egp
    • Older buses without air conditioning
    • Stops at all stops (journey takes 90 minutes)
    • Runs 24/7
    • Frequency - 20 to 60 minutes

There is no timetable and intervals are very approximate.

Tickets are usually purchased from the driver on boarding. Some buses have a conductor who collects money from passengers during the journey.

Always pay with cash in Egyptian pounds only.


Although many metro plans state that the Green Line 3 runs to the airport, it actually terminates at Adly Mansour station and an extension to the airport is still in the pipeline.

There is no set year yet as to when the metro will start running to the airport. It is currently predicted that the metro to Cairo Airport will be operational around 2026.

Car rental

A car is worthwhile if you want to take trips to the desert, the Egyptian countryside or explore lesser-known resorts on the Red or Mediterranean coasts.

However, you must always take into account the very chaotic and lively traffic on Egyptian roads.

The terminal is home to many branches of large international car rental companies.

The average price for a weekly rental is around 150 eur.

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