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Norwegian flights

Krystof Hajek updated 30. 8. 2023

Among the low-cost airlines, they tend to be among the more expensive ones, but still often offer very good prices both within Europe and especially for domestic flights within Norway or Sweden. It is important to remember that the lowest fare does not include baggage.

The cheapest tickets can be found on the website, usually slightly cheaper on Norwegian. Although Norwegian is a low-cost airline, it offers the option of buying guaranteed connecting flights. However, in some cases it will be cheaper to buy two separate tickets separately, which is only recommended if there is sufficient reserve for a non-guaranteed connection.

Tip: If you're between 12-25 years old, use promo code UNDER26 for flights across Scandinavia. You'll get a special price on one-way tickets, often up to 50% off.

Norwegian destinations

Norwegian Air Shuttle currently operates several bases from which it operates the largest number of flights to other destinations:

  • Oslo (OSL) - the main and largest base with flights to all of Europe and very frequent domestic connections within Norway.
  • Copenhagen - a major base with flights mainly to Western and Southern Europe
  • Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) - the third largest base with frequent domestic connections throughout Sweden and flights to Western and Southern Europe
  • Bergen - direct flights to several European destinations and frequent domestic flights
  • Trondheim - direct flights to several European destinations and frequent domestic flights
  • Stavanger - direct flights to several European destinations and frequent domestic flights
  • Helsinki - smaller base with domestic flights within Finland and a few direct flights to southern and western Europe

It also operates summer seasonal bases at airports in Málaga, Barcelona and Alicante and adds seasonal direct flights to the sea from smaller Scandinavian airports.

Unlike in the past, when the airline expanded across Europe, the portfolio now focuses almost exclusively on flights to/from Scandinavia and domestic routes to Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Route map

For an official map of all routes by destination, please visit the company's website:

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