Everything you need to know before flying with Norwegian

Norwegian check-in

Krystof Hajek updated 30. 8. 2023

Check-in at the airport counter is free of charge in the case of Norwegian.

You can check in online and print your boarding pass at home or at an airport kiosk. Online check-in works from 48 hours before departure.

Mobile check-in is the most used method. If you enter your phone number when booking, you will receive a text message two hours before departure with a link to check-in. You will have your boarding pass on your mobile phone and just show the barcode at check-in.

Seat selection (seating)

For a fee, you can choose a specific seat on the aircraft. If you don't want to pay this fee, just skip the seat selection step and you will be assigned a random seat for free.

When travelling with children, you will be seated together even if you are randomly assigned.

Seating fees vary widely by flight length, season and ticket price and range from 10 EUR to 45 EUR. The fee is only applicable on LowFare fares. On LowFare+ and Flex fares, you can choose a specific seat on the aircraft for free.

If you want to add a larger carry-on or checked bag in addition to your seat selection, it's always cheaper to add the LowFare+ fare, which includes everything at once.

Krystof Hajek

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