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With Eurowings you can find tickets to virtually every corner of Europe. The network is so extensive that even if there is no direct connection between two cities, Eurowings will offer you convenient and fast flights with a connection in one of the many German hubs.

The cheapest tickets can be purchased at, but we recommend comparing available prices and connections with other competing airlines, e.g., before buying.

Buy flights with Eurowings

Ticket prices

Eurowings isn't one of the cheapest airlines, but on the other hand it does offer convenient connections to major airports at exposed times rather than early morning or late night departures.

Even so, one-way fares are often below 40 eur for flights to European cities and around 70 eur for flights to coastal destinations.

When to buy tickets

The cheapest tickets are available from Eurowings between 1 and 5 months before departure. Significant price increases take place in the peak summer season for seaside destinations. It pays to buy these dates six months and earlier before departure.

Eurowings doesn't have many promotions and when it does, it is a discounting of more expensive tickets to the level of the cheapest fare.


Eurowings offers flights across Europe from the Canary Islands, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and the northernmost Scandinavian cities. It mainly targets Western and Central Europe.

The airline adds and cancels new routes very frequently depending on availability and trends. It also operates many flights in cooperation with travel agencies, mainly to beach destinations such as Agadir, the Canaries, Mallorca and the Greek islands.

Route map

An overview of the destinations and individual routes can be found in the attached image below, or you can browse the list of destinations on

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