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Austrian Airlines in-flight services

Krystof Hajek updated 27. 1. 2024

Austrian Airlines offers only very basic free refreshments on short flights in Europe. On longer flights, the offer is extended.

In-flight refreshments

Business class passengers are offered a full menu on both short and long flights.

Economy Class passengers are only offered free water on short flights within Europe. All other refreshments are available for a fee. For example, you can buy chilled drinks, sweets or sandwiches on board, ranging in price from 4 eur to 10 eur.

You can order extra food when travelling in economy class on the company's website:

For long-haul flights over 6 hours, 2 free meals are also served in economy class - dinner and breakfast or lunch and a light snack.

Entertainment system

On long-haul flights, you can use the IFE - In Flight Entertaiment free of charge. The entertainment system will offer hundreds of movies, series and documentaries, music or games.

In-flight wifi

On board all aircraft you can use the FlyNet internet connection for basic searches. The internet is not suitable for playing videos or sending large files.

The basic package costs 6 eur and can be purchased before the flight at:

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