The Edge


The 30 Hudson Yard skyscraper, informally known as "The Edge", became a popular tourist attraction immediately after its completion in 2019.

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Its outdoor Edge Observation Deck is currently one of the top-rated observation decks in New York City. It was opened in 2020.

The Edge is currently the 6th tallest skyscraper in New York City.

The world's tallest outdoor observation deck

The view of the city of skyscrapers from above will thrill any traveler, even more so when the viewpoint is open air. And the spacious triangular terrace jutting out from The Edge's structure on its 100th floor offers just such an opportunity.

The observation deck is 350 metres above the ground , making it currently the highest outdoor observation deck in the world located on a building. Only the Cabo Girão Skywalk on the 580-metre-high cliff of the Portuguese island of Madeira is higher.

The glass floor and climbing the building

The Edge will not only offer an outdoor observation deck, but a complete indoor floor with observation windows that will provide 360-degree views of all of New York City.

In the middle of the outdoor terrace, daredevils will walk giddily across a glass floor through which they will see 350 feet down to the very ground. Not to worry though, the glass section can be quietly bypassed.

Another popular attraction is the City Climb, where, with a classic climbing belay and a guide, you climb the metal walkways from the terrace to the very top of The Edge skyscraper at 395 metres.

Admission and opening hours

The Edge Observation Deck is open daily from 9am-11pm. The last elevator goes up 50 minutes before closing time.

We definitely recommend buyingtickets online at the official website: Especially if you want to head here for sunset. At these times, tickets are usually no longer available on site.

You have the option of buying a ticket for a specific time (General Admission) or an auction ticket, which you can come at any time of the day and be guaranteed entry (Flex Pass).

Prices for exact time are tiered according to the attractiveness of the time of day, with evening time being more expensive. A sunset time ticket is 10 usd more expensive, and a "peak time" ticket is 4 usd more expensive (usually purchased less than 4 days before your scheduled visit.

Ticket prices on the website are always quoted without tax, which is only displayed at the last step. In the table below we show the total price including tax in the basic version without any extra charges for sunsets.

Exact time Flex Pass
Adults 13-61 years 43,55 usd 65,33 usd
Children 6-12 years 38,11 usd 59,88 usd
Seniors 61+ 41,37 usd 63,15 usd

Then pay for the City Climb "climb" with tax 201,42 usd.

Official website:

Accommodation at The Edge

The Hudson Yards area around the skyscraper is one of the most fashionable in New York City, and you'll find several quality hotels.

For a typical New York price of around 220 eur per night, you can stay at a hotel like Courtyard New York Manhattan/Midtown West ****.

Right across the street from The Edge Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards *****, one of the top-rated luxury hotels in Manhattan.

How to get to The Edge?

The Edge skyscraper is located in a part of Manhattan called Midtown in Hudson Yards. Within a 15-minute walk, you can walk to places like the Intrepid Museum and High Line Park.

Nearest subway station

  • 34 St-Hudson Yards (approx. 50 metres) - Purple Line 7
  • 34 St-Penn Station (approx. 300 metres) - blue lines A, C, E

The M34 bus line also runs to Hudson Yards.

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