Getting to New York

New York night

New York City is a frequent travel destination and easily accessible by air from all continents.

International flights

If you're flying to the East Coast of the USA, your destination is likely to be New York and New York alone. That's why there are dozens of flights a day from every major and minor airline in Europe.

But there are also direct flights to New York from many major Asian airports, from all over Latin America and even from Africa and Australia.

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Domestic flights

New York is also a huge hub for domestic flights heading here from all major and minor airports across the US.

Generally, the cheapest airline tickets can be purchased on low-cost airlines like Southwest or JetBlue.

One-way fares from New York across the US range between 80 usd and 150 usd.

Lines from New York to major US cities often fly several times an hour, making planes the most frequent form of domestic transportation.

Airports in New York

New York has 2 major international airports, one major domestic airport and several smaller airports in the surrounding area.

Occasionally you will find flights to the major domestic hub, La Guardia LGA. However, the only way to fly here is by connecting in the US or Canada.

The fourth airport you may encounter on your way to New York is Newburgh SWF, which is used by low-cost airlines (currently PLAY, for example) and is over 100 kilometres from New York.

There are other very small airports in the New York metropolitan area with only domestic traffic. They are usually served by no more than 10-15 flights a day from other major airports in the eastern USA. Examples of these airports include Long Island Islip ISP, Westchester County HPN, Trenton TTN.

By bus

Long-distance buses or trains are an alternative route to take when in the US.

In particular, buses from Megabus, Boltbus, Greyhound and now Flixbus connect New York to nearby cities such as Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC with direct services, for which tickets are available for 1 usd or even free at pre-sale times. Typically, pre-sales start appearing 2 months before the scheduled date.

The stops vary from company to company, and so do the specific companies depending on the line served. You can always find out where the bus departs from Manhattan when you buy your ticket to/from New York.

The largest bus station is the Port Authority near Times Square.

By train

Amtrak trains connect New York to the same nearby cities for a slightly higher price, but also at a higher level of travel. Plus, who wouldn't want to get off at, say, the phenomenal Grand Central Terminal?

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