Times Square

Time Square

Times Square could be described as a simple intersection of Broadway and 7th Street. Avenue with lots of illuminated advertisements and the headquarters of the largest companies in the world. But not many people would understand. Today, Times Square is an icon of New York City thanks to its uniqueness and its own circle of life, and it's definitely one of the top 10 tourist stops on your New York trip.

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If you don't have a selfie from Times Square, it's like you're not in New York...

Take a seat on the benches or on the artificial elevated staircase and enjoy the atmosphere of the pulsating river and the Crossroads of the World, as Times Square is often nicknamed. Part of Times Square functions as a pedestrian zone.

It is estimated that an average of 330,000 people pass through Times Square each day, or over 120 million a year!

Until 1904, the area was called Longarce Square, after which it was renamed Times Square after the Times Building, home to one of the world's most important newspaper publishers , The New York Times.

In the thrall of illuminated advertisements

Although in many places in the world the massive use of advertising billboards is considered to be a light and visual smog, Times Square is definitely one of the exceptions confirming the rule. It is the incredible amount of glowing formerly neon, now ice-cold advertisements that creates a special genius loci.

Around 50 giant illuminated interactive billboards run day and night advertising logos of the world's biggest companies. All this is complemented by various screens, neon signs and the megalomaniacal atmosphere, where you will feel that you are in the heart of the world, is only enhanced by the constant traffic from thousands of cars and buses.

Restaurants, shops and famous theatres

Times Square is one of the main cultural and commercial centers of New York City and the entire United States. You would be hard pressed to count the restaurants, fast-food joints and upscale and casual shops in its close vicinity.

You could spend half a day at this intersection shopping, watching the hustle and bustle of the big city, and eating.

The most popular shops or restaurants in Times Square include:

You can also visit many famous theatre, music or musical venues or cinemas in close proximity to Times Square, including:

For a complete list of theaters, cinemas, shops and restaurants in the area, visit timessquarenyc.org.

New Year's Eve celebrations

Times Square is one of the world's most famous venues for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day celebrations. And not just those. Times Square is simply the place for spontaneous and planned celebrations for New Yorkers every time there is something to celebrate. Whether it's national holidays, major sporting achievements, or wars won.

Either way, New Year's Eve celebrations are among the most famous and lively.

After all, more than a billion TV viewers watch the New Year celebrations live from Times Square every year!

Accommodation in Times Square

If you enjoy a boisterous environment and love living in the heart of it all, then the Times Square area is the best choice for accommodation in New York. However, you shouldn't look so much at prices and expect an average nightly rate between 250 usd and 450 usd..

All hotels can be found on the surrounding streets within 200 metres of Times Square.

You can only stay in hotels directly in Times Square The Knickerbocker ***** / New York Marriott Marquis ***** with prices from 550 usd upwards.

How to get to Times Square?

There's probably no easier place in New York City to get to. Several subway lines intersect in Times Square, and one block west is the main Port Authority intercity bus station.

The red lines 1, 2, 3, yellow lines N, Q, R, W, purple line 7 and grey line S cross at the Times Sq / 42 St station.

Approximately 150 metres away, the eastbound 42 St / Bryant Park station will additionally offer the orange lines B, D, F, M, while the westbound 42 St / Port Authority Bus Terminal station 150 metres away offers the blue lines A, C, E.

Bus routes M7, M20 and M104 also pass through Times Square,

What to see around

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