High Line Park

High Line Park

The High Line public park is built on a former railway line above ground level. It is located between Gansevoort Street and West 34th Street and between 10th and 12th Streets. Avenue. It was established in 2009 as part of the Western Manhattan Revitalization Project and serves as a model for many similar areas around the world.

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Highly recommended by many travelers, you should not miss a walk in this park under any circumstances.

The Green Corridor through the city

The hanging park is built on a former railway track that runs at a height of about 7-10 meters above street level. The High Line Park currently measures 2,300 metres and opened in 2011, with a width of around 10 metres along its entire length.

In some parts the old rails have been deliberately left in place, with a variety of greenery planted between them, while in others new spaces have been created with benches, a beautiful lawn and flower beds.

Admission and opening hours

The High Line is a public park and therefore free to visit.

It opens at 7am and is open late into the evening most of the year until 10-11pm, closing at 7pm in winter.

Official website: www.thehighline.org/visit

How to get to the High Line?

The High Line Park runs along the west side of Manhattan and is most easily reached by subway.

The closest station to the north end of the park:

  • 34 St-Hudson Yards (about 50 metres): purple line 7
  • 34 St-Penn Station (approx. 750 metres): blue lines A, C, E

Nearest station to the south end of the park:

  • 14 St ( approx. 600 metres): blue lines A, C, E
  • 8 Av (approx. 600 metres): grey line L
  • 14 St (approx. 900 metres): red lines 1, 2, 3

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