Views in Stockholm

4 best views & viewpoints in Stockholm

Stockholm City Hall
Stockholm City Hall

Town Hall, Lookout

When wandering around the city, don't miss Stockholm City Hall, the red-brick landmark of the city, which is interesting because, among other things, the new Nobel Prize winners are announced in its Blue Hall every year on 10 December. [btn "The 10 best hotels in Stockholm";label=p-stockholm-radnice] Discover this beautiful and interesting building and visit it from the inside. …

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View from Mariaberget
Monteliusvägen (Mariaberget)

Lookout, Park

Monteliusvägen is a short trail through the hills of Södermalm Island, offering stunning views of the whole of Stockholm. [btn "Find a hotel with a view of Stockholm";label=p-stockholm-mariaberget] The walking path leads through a small park in the Mariaberget district, whose name is often used in various guidebooks as the name of the Monteliusvägen viewpoint. The best view of…

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Katrina Elevator
Katarina Elevator


The Katarina Elevator is an interesting technical structure that rises on the other side of the bridge directly above the centre of Gamla Stan. The name is a bit misleading, however, as the elevator is closed for a long time, so you will have to walk, but the view is worth it. [btn "The 10 best hotels in Stockholm";label=p-stockholm-katarina] The view and the upscale restaurants …

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Ericsson Globe
Globe Arena

Modern Building, Sports hall, Lookout

Globe is a multi-purpose arena and the home stadium of the Swedish national ice hockey team in Globen City. Apart from sports enthusiasts, it should be seen by architecture fans as it is the largest hemispherical structure in the world. [btn "The 10 best hotels in Stockholm";label=p-stockholm-globe] The hall is continuously renamed depending on who the current sponsor is. It is…

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