Stockholm in a nutshell


As a proper capital, it is a perfect showcase and taste of the overall culture, mentality and way of life of its country.

The accolade of being the cleanest metropolis in the world goes hand in hand with Scandinavia's famous nature, which the centre itself takes you into. This is through the vast number of green parks and water bays, as Stockholm, also known as the Venice of the North, is shaped by a series of islands.

The 10 best hotels in Stockholm

Locals will immediately embrace you with hospitality, tolerance and multiculturalism. Stockholm is alive with its unique atmosphere, combining quiet Nordic life with lively neighbourhoods full of cafes and bars.

Head to a place where you'll understand why it's known as a city of art and design as soon as you enter the metro station.

Population Country Name Swedish / English Time zone
985 000 Sweden

Stockholm / Stockholm

UTC +1

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