The open-air museum

Visit the island of Djurgården to the oldest open-air museum in the world, which is also one of the largest.

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The museum, simply called Skansen, already gives a hint of what to expect. Wander the 75-acre site and discover how life was lived in Sweden and the Nordic countries in the days before the Industrial Revolution.

Skansen began to be established in the late 19th century to preserve the appearance of the traditional Swedish countryside. The museum first opened its doors to the public in 1891.

What will you see at the open-air museum?

The museum's main attraction is a replica of a Swedish town from the early 19th century.

Walk through the streets lined with typical Swedish wooden houses and churches, take a peek inside and see how homes were furnished in those days.

At several places there are interactive displays of crafts of the time that you can try out for yourself.


Almost a third of the museum is a pretty zoo where you can admire mainly animals from the Nordic landscapes, including bears, lynxes and seals.

Cable car

A popular attraction for children is the 196-metre-long funicular railway called the Bergenbana, which you can ride to the highest point of the open-air museum.

The cable car runs partly through the park and partly through the historic village.


In the southern part of the park, visit the Skansen Aquarium with more than 200 species of exotic fish, crocodiles, turtles, snakes or lizards.

Get your bearings before you visit the museum and check out the interactive map:

Entrance fees and opening hours

The Skansen is open every day throughout the winter. However, some of the outdoor attractions such as the interactive craft demonstrations and the rope course are only open from May to September.

Opening hours vary according to the season. It opens at 10:00 and closes between 15:00 and 20:00. The current opening hours can be found on the museum's website:

Ticket prices vary according to the season and range between 200 sek and 265 sek for adults.

Children under 15 pay 80 sek for admission all year round.

Admission is charged separately to the aquarium, where it costs 160 sek.

For current prices and to buy online, visit:

How to get to the open-air museum?

The bus and tram stop "Skansen" is located at the south (main) entrance.

  • Trams - line 7
  • Buses - lines 67, 970

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