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Looking for the location of Sweden on a map? Find out all the geographic points of interest about Sweden.

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Where is Sweden?

Sweden can be found in northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Sweden is both a Nordic country and part of Scandinavia. The country's shores are bathed by the Baltic Sea to the east and south and the North Sea to the west.

The northernmost parts of Sweden lie beyond the Arctic Circle.

Sweden has a land border with Norway along the entire western side (1 630 km) and borders Finland to the north-east (614 km). Sweden also has a land border with Denmark at the Öresund Bridge.

As Sweden and all its neighbouring countries are part of the Schengen area, border crossings are free of controls and can be crossed freely in both directions.

Sweden has an area of 450,295 square kilometres, making it the 5th largest country in Europe and the 3rd largest country in the European Union.

From north to south, Sweden measures approximately 2 000 km, while from west to east at its widest point it measures only 490 km.

Online map of Sweden

Check out several maps of Sweden to easily find out where to stay, where the greatest concentration of attractions or hiking trails are.


Sweden is not as mountainous and does not have as deep fjords as neighbouring Norway, but is considerably more rugged than Finland.

The southern part of the country from Stockholm southwards is mostly flat or gently undulating, as is the strip along the Baltic coast to the north.

The whole area along the border with Norway is mountainous, along which stretches the not very high but very large Scandinavian mountain range. The highest mountains are in the very north of Sweden around Abisko National Park.

Sweden has a total of 267,570 islands, the most in the world. However, this is also due to the very small individual rocky islands, which are not very common in Canada or the USA, for example. The total number of inhabited islands is 984.

Sweden in numbers

At the end of this chapter, we also present some interesting geographical records for Sweden.

  • The highest mountain - Kebnekaise (2 120 m above sea level)
  • Longest river - Klarälven (490 km on Swedish territory)
  • Neighbouring countries - 2
  • Length of coastline - 3 218 km
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