Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute

The Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute stands on the banks of the Grand Canal in the Punta della Dogana district and is perfectly visible from the seafront of St Mark's Square. It is one of the landmarks of the Grand Canal and of Venice as a whole and appears in many of the city's promotional images.

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The promenade at the main entrance to the basilica offers a beautiful view of the Grand Canal.

Architecture and history

Venice's most important Baroque building began construction in the early 17th century and was formally completed in 1631. Its dominant feature is the massive white marble dome, complemented by one smaller one as well as a small bell tower.

The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who protected Venice during a devastating plague epidemic that reduced much of the city's population and led to fears that Venice would disappear altogether. Most of the artistic representations inside the basilica also refer to the "Black Death".

While the exterior of the basilica is very striking and forms one of the city's skylines, the interiors are decorated rather sparingly, giving prominence to the magnificent ceiling paintings by the famous Venetian painter Titian.

Admission and opening hours

The basilica is open to the public daily from 9:30-12:00 and 15:00-17:30, and on Sundays only from 10:00 and only until 17:00. For a detailed and up-to-date schedule of opening hours, we recommend checking the official website.

Entrance to the basilica is free of charge. There is only a separate entrance fee to the richly decorated sacristy or the baths.

  • Entrance to the sacristy - 6 eur
  • Entrance to the dome - 5 eur

Payment can be made by cash or card.

Official website:

Location and transport

Right on the promenade in front of the church, the vaporetto water bus of the number 1 backbone line from the main station across the Grand Canal to Lido di Venezia has a stop called "Salute".

From the opposite bank, the church can also be reached by gondola ferry for 2 eur.

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