Lido di Venezia

Lido di Venezia

If you get tired of wandering the streets, hop on a boat and within 20 minutes you'll reach the more modern Lido di Venezia, at the end of which you'll reach a sandy beach and the open Adriatic.

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Compared to the more distant Lido di Jesolo, this beach is a little quieter in terms of discos and bars - you'll find more classic restaurants and a quieter environment, and it's much closer to the centre of Venice.

Sandy beaches and swimming in the Adriatic

Lido di Venezia is an island about 12 km long, but at its widest point it is only 1,700 metres long. Along the entire eastern coast, which is open to the Adriatic Sea, stretches a wide beach with fine light sand, a gradual entry into the water and many of the services you know from typical seaside resorts.

The island of Lido di Venezia thus offers a classic beach holiday by the sea with the backdrop of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Just walk across the narrow island from the beaches to the other side and you'll have a view of St. Mark's Bell Tower, about 3 km away.

The sea here is not exactly the cleanest, but on the other hand you don't have to worry about litter or algae, the water is just more turbid.

The beaches offer a full range of services from many restaurants, beach bars and sunbed and umbrella hire. In the centre of Lido you will find several classic supermarkets and restaurants with much better prices than in the historic centre.

Paid and free beaches

As in most Italian resorts on the Adriatic coast, large parts of the beaches are only available on payment of a fee.

Prices range from around 30 eur to 45 eur and include the hire of two sun loungers, an umbrella or even access to toilets and restaurants.

At regular intervals (roughly every 700 metres), beaches without facilities are set aside with free entry.

Accommodation on Lido di Venezia

If you prefer to live in a more modern area, but in a quiet, pretty place, Lido di Venezia is a good alternative, for example, compared to the not-so-pretty mainland Mestre.

However, its disadvantage is the considerably longer transport from the airport and actually to the centre of Venice.

On the other hand, compared to the historic centre, you will find really good accommodation prices here, especially in low season, starting at 35 eur per night in a 2-bed room.

In the summer season, however, you can expect prices from 75 eur upwards and right by the beach from 120 eur.

The cheapest accommodation

If you don't need to stay right by the beach, check out our selection of hotels with prices at 55 eur/nos/2pers. when booking well in advance.

Hotels near the beach

Accommodation right on the beach in high season generally doesn't drop below 130 eur. Check out these hotels for example:

Location and transport

Lido di Venezia is one of the few Venetian islands where cars can drive, but there is no bridge, so you would have to take a ferry anyway, which is not worth the time or cost.

It is more convenient to take advantage of the numerous vaporetto boat lines, which in aggregate run to historic Venice about once every 5-10 minutes. At the main stop Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta (S.M.E.) ...from the following directions.

Timetables for all the routes listed below can be found clearly on the website:

  • St. Mark's Square - lines 1, 2 (only in the summer season), 5.1, 5.2, 6, 10, 14
  • Santa Lucia Central Station and P.le Roma - lines 1, 2 (summer season only), 5.1, 5.2
  • Piazzale Roma - lines 1, 2 (summer season only), 5.1, 5.2 (for the journey from Lido faster 5.1, return faster 5.2), 6
  • Canal Grande (Rialto) - lines 1, 2 (summer season only)
  • Giudecca - lines 5.1, 5.2 (for the journey from Lido faster 5.2, return faster 5.1), 6
  • F.te Nove - lines 5.1, 5.2 (for the journey from Lido faster 5.1, back faster 5.2)
  • Murano - line 18 (summer season only)
  • Punta Sabbioni - line 14
  • Burano - line 14 (only every other connection)
  • Giardini Biennale - lines 1, 2 (only in summer season), 5.1, 5.2, 6, 8 (summer season only), 10
  • Zattere - lines 5.1, 5.2 (for the journey from Lido faster 5.2, back faster 5.1), 6, 8 (summer season only), 10

Alilaguna's ships on the B and R lines also call at Lido S.M.E.

You can also use the line 20 running in high season (June-August) to the south of Lido from Piazza Lido. St. Mark's.

Lido di Venezia is a large enough island to have its own bus service, which is integrated into the public transport system in Venice and therefore regular ACTV tickets apply.

All bus lines start their journey at the main dock of Lido S.M.E.

  • D'Annunzio Beaches - Line A
  • Beaches of San Nicolo - line A
  • Marconi beaches - line B, C
  • San Nicolo dock - line A
  • Alberoni dock - line A, 11
  • Pellestrina - line 11
  • Chioggia - line 11

Car ferry to the Lido

The Lido di Venezia is the only area of the island of Venice that can also be used by cars. Line 17 runs from the Tronchetto dock and it costs 35 eur to transport one car one way.

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