St. Mark's Square

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco is undoubtedly the most visited place in Venice. Around the vast square you'll find the city's most important monuments, led by St Mark's Basilica and its bell tower, which is visible from many places in Venice. In close proximity you will also find the famous Doge's Palace, the clock tower, as well as the Correr Museum and the Archaeological Museum.

The best hotels in the square

The tourist centre of Venice

St Mark's Square is the main centre of Venice and is where most tourists concentrate their steps.

The large open area of the square is ideal for great photos with the iconic St. Mark's bell tower, as well as admiring the ornate palazzi with their arcades, which house dozens of cafes and restaurants.

The part of the square leading "around the corner" to the harbour pier, where the Doge's Palace is located, is called Piazzetta San Marco.

Regular flooding

St. Mark's Square is the lowest fixed point in Venice, and due to the tides combined with the winter weather, parts of the square regularly flood between October and April.

Usually, the water in the square is at most 2 or 3 times a year for a day or two, so it doesn't affect tourism too much. If the square floods, there are boots and makeshift wooden footbridges available.

Accommodation near the square

If you like to choose accommodation in the centre of the action, then Piazza San Marco is the perfect choice for you. You'll find several hotels around the piazza, and we've picked out the best of them:

Location and transport

St Mark's Square is about 2,200 metres from the main train station and is about 40 minutes' walk away.

There are also three water bus docks near St Mark's Square.

For clarity, we list all the water bus lines and the piers they stop at. Click on the line number for the timetable.

San Marco - San Zaccaria dock

  • Pier A - 14 (Lido, Punta Sabbioni, Burano), 15 (Punta Sabbioni)
  • Pier B - 2 (San Giorgio, Giudecca, Zattere, Tronchetto, Piazzale Roma), 20 (San Servolo, San Lazzaro), Alilaguna R (Lido, Murano, airport), Alilaguna B (Giudecca, Tronchetto, Piazzale Roma, Lido, Murano, airport)
  • Pier C - 4.2, 5.2 (Giudecca - only 4.2, Zattere - only 5.2, Piazzale Roma, main station)
  • Pier D - 4.1 (Giardini, F.te Nove, Murano), 7 (Murano)
  • Pier E - 1, 2 (Grand Canal, train station, Piazzale Roma)
  • Pier F - 1, 2*, 5.1 (Lido, Giardini)

San Marco dock - Giardinetti

  • 1, 2 (Canal Grande, train station, Piazzale Roma), 10 (Zattere, Lido)
  • Alilaguna R, Alilaguna B, Alilaguna V

Port of San Marco - Vallaresso

  • Pier A - 1 (Grand Canal, train station, Piazzale Roma)
  • Pier B - 1, 2*(Lido, Giardini)

* Line 2 in the "San Marco - Lido" section and lines 7 + Alilaguna R in the whole route run only in the summer season.

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