The town of Húsavík is one of the most popular destinations in northern Iceland and an ideal starting point for excursions to the deserted peninsulas of the northeast coast, as well as many important natural sights.

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Húsavík's main attraction is undoubtedly whale watching. While there are many places in Iceland where whales can be found, Húsavík is by far the best chance of seeing at least one member of the cetacean order.

With over 2,000 inhabitants, Húsavík is one of the largest towns in northern Iceland, and you'll find many restaurants, shops and a supermarket.

Whale watching

Local tourist agencies organising cruises around the bay boast that you have up to a 97% chance of spotting a whale in Húsavík. And it should be noted that this figure will not be an overestimate. Unlike other places in Iceland, in Húsavík you are virtually guaranteed to see a whale during your 2-4 hour cruise.

Of the larger species, there are killer whales, sperm whales or humpback whales, while of the smaller cetaceans you will very often come across porpoises, minke whales, roundheads or minke whales.

Húsavík is home to many tourist agencies organising cruises around the bay. Just go to the harbour and choose from the many offers. The cruises also stop at the small island of Lundey, which is home to a large colony of puffins.

One of the cheapest is North Sailing with prices from 11 000 isk, but the cruises are usually tightly timed; other agencies sail until you see a whale (usually 1.5 to 3 hours). Other agencies with prices from 18 000 isk include Husavik Adventures or Gentle Giants.


Feel free to stay in Husavik for a few nights, the town will serve as an ideal starting point for excursions into the surrounding area. Within the 90km circuit, you can visit, for example, the Lake Mývatn area with its many attractions, the Ásbyrgi Canyon or the Dettifoss and Godafoss waterfalls.

For the sake of clarity, we select the best accommodation in two categories and within a maximum distance of 15 km from the centre:

How to get there?

Húsavík is easily accessible by car on the main asphalt road number 85, which branches off from Ring Road number 1 near Godafoss waterfall. Road 87 then leads to Húsavík from the other side of Lake Mývatn.

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  • Mývatn (56 km) - map

The town can also be reached by bus number 79 from Akureyri, from where you can continue to Reykjavík on line 57.

Húsavík can even be reached by plane 1-2 times a day from Reykjavík. A small regional airline flies the route Eagle Air and return tickets are priced around 340 eur. Significantly cheaper tickets are offered by Icelandair, or its regional arm Air Iceland, to Akureyri, 75 km away.

Return tickets around 110 eur can be purchased, for example, through Icelandair (look for tickets from Reykjavik RKV to Akureyri AEY).

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