Parks and nature in Budapest

2 best parks & nature in Budapest

Palatinus Spa
Margaret Island

Island, Spa

Margit-sziget, as Margaret Island is known in Hungarian, is a popular place to relax on nice days, where you can visit a large park, a summer theatre and cinema, a swimming pool, a Japanese garden or the Palatinus thermal baths. [btn "Cheapest accommodation in Budapest (";label=p-budapest-marketin-ostrov] Palatinus Thermal Baths. A popular summer destination for…

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János Hegy

Park, Lookout Tower

Budapest is not only a city of monuments, but also of nature and a very uncharacteristically hilly landscape for Hungary. Among the most beautiful sightseeing spots are the Buda Hills and especially the János-Hegy area with its many hiking trails, viewpoints, lookout towers and an unconventional excursion railway that is practically run entirely by children. [btn "The 10 best hotels in Budapest"…

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