Weather in Budapest and best time to go


Budapest, like the rest of Hungary, has a mild climate, but at times it can feel rather subtropical. Hungary lies in the middle of the continent and the flat country incl. Budapest is characterised by frequent temperature extremes, especially in summer.

Winters tend to be very mild and it rarely snows in Budapest. Overall, Budapest is located in a relatively dry area and has below-average rainfall for Europe.

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All 4 seasons change in Budapest.

What are the hottest months in Budapest?

Expect the hottest weather from June to August, when average temperatures rise to around 28°C, but extreme temperatures above 35°C are not that uncommon.

It can also be very warm in May or September.

When is it coldest in Budapest?

The coldest months are December to February, the same as in all of central Europe.

Average temperatures range between 1 °C and 4 °C, but there is very little snow. Winter tends to be drier and snow is often replaced by rain showers. When some snow does fall, it usually melts the same day.

Hard frosts are not common in Budapest, but temperatures can drop below zero, especially at night.

What are the rainiest months in Budapest?

All months of the year are more or less even in terms of rainfall. Statistically, the rainiest months are May, June and November.

The rain falls mostly in the form of showers, with a maximum of half a day to 1 day of rain. Long-lasting rains of several days are rare in Budapest.

The most sultry weather under clouds occurs in November and early December.

Table of temperatures during the year

Budapest - Weather during the year

3 °C
5 °C
10 °C
16 °C
22 °C
24 °C
26 °C
26 °C
21 °C
15 °C
7 °C
4 °C

When to go to Budapest

With its hot springs, autumn festivals, sights and culinary delights, Budapest is a good destination for year-round tourism. Perhaps only during the holidays is it better to go somewhere overseas, it will be quite hot.

There are so many indoor activities in the city that you don't have to make your trip subject to the predicted weather.

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Weather during the year

Here's what the weather in Budapest looks like at different times of the year.

Budapest in spring

In spring (April-June), the weather is often rainy but still very warm. In March and April, it rains rather little and in the form of short light showers. Especially in May and June, sudden cloudbursts are typical.

During March and April, average daily temperatures gradually rise to an average of 14 °C to 18 °C. Most of the weather is partly cloudy.

Budapest in summer

During the summer (July-August) the weather is warm and sunny with temperatures around 29 °C common. However, in quite frequent extremes, temperatures can rise to over 35 °C.

During the summer it is usually partly cloudy or clear with the occasional thunderstorm or short heavy shower, which usually occurs in the evening. There are typically about 7 days a month of rain during the summer.

Budapest in autumn

The beginning of autumn in Budapest is typically characterised by sunny days with minimal rainfall and pleasant temperatures of around 17°C to 21°C. From mid-October to November, it starts to rain more and the sky tends to be more often cloudy.

Temperatures slowly drop to an average of 13 °C towards the end of autumn.

Budapest in winter

Winters (November-March) are cold, often windy and with a lack of sunshine. However, precipitation is scarce and you can take shelter from the cold in many of the sights.

Average winter temperatures fluctuate between 1 °C and 6 °C.

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