Budapest by bus


Buses to Budapest are becoming the least frequent public transport, especially at the expense of the ever-accelerating rail connections, which are more convenient and significantly more predictable.

Today, however, buses are still important when travelling to smaller Hungarian cities, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Poland or Slovenia.

On the other hand, trains play the main role in the direction of Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany or Slovakia.

International buses - routes and prices

There are practically only 2 relevant carriers operating routes from abroad to Budapest.

  • Regiojet (buy tickets on - a Czech company operating on the route Budapest - Bratislava - Brno - Prague, also operates trains on the same route
  • Flixbus (buy tickets on - multinational company operating from Budapest to all neighbouring countries

On the competing route from Budapest to Bratislava, Brno and Prague, Regiojet tends to be cheaper in most cases.


Ticket booking Price Travel time Frequency
Vienna From 9 eur 3 hours 1x per hour
Graz From 25 eur 4.5 hours 1x per day
Linz From 15 eur 5.5 hours 3x daily


Ticket booking Price Travel time Frequency
from 8 eur 2.5 hours 1x per hour
Košice from 15 eur 3.5 hours 4x daily
Banská Bystrica From 12 eur 3 hours 5x daily
Poprad From 17 eur 5.5 hours 2x daily
Žilina From 14 eur 5 hours 1x daily
Retrieved from From 10 eur 2.5 hours 5x daily
Prešov From 20 eur 4.5 hours 4x daily

Czech Republic

Ticket booking Price Travel time Frequency
from 25 eur 7.5 hours 1x per hour
from 17 eur 4.5 hours 1x per hour
Ostrava from 22 eur 6 hours 1x per day


Ticket booking Price Travel time Frequency
Bucharest From 31 eur 15.5 hours 2x daily
Timisoara From 18 eur 5.5 hours 1x daily
Targu Mures From 21 eur 10.5 hours 2x daily
Cluj From 27 eur 8.5 hours 2x daily
Arad From 16 eur 4 hours 2x daily
Oradea From 18 eur 5.5 hours 2x daily
Sibiu From 24 eur 9 hours 1x daily


Ticket booking Price Travel time Frequency
Zagreb From 20 eur 4.5 hours 3 times a day


Ticket booking Price Travel time Frequency
Ljubljana From 17 eur 6.5 hours 4x daily
Maribor From 19 eur 4.5 hours 3x daily


Ticket booking Price Travel time Frequency
Belgrade From 20 eur 6 hours 2x daily
Novi Sad From 20 eur 5 hours 2x daily

Other destinations

Buses from Budapest also go to more distant destinations, here are some examples of the most popular routes.

Ticket booking Price Travel time Frequency
Venice From 32 eur 10.5 hours 6x daily
Trieste From 30 eur 8 hours 5x daily
Berlin From 37 eur 12.5 hours 5x daily
Munich From 32 eur 8.5 hours 3x daily
Krakow From 23 eur 6.5 hours 6x daily

Where do the buses stop in Budapest

Both Regiojet and Flixbus stop at the same bus stations, and both have access to the metro and other transport.

Click on the station name to see a map.

Flixbus also stops at the M1 metro station "Mexikói út" for some services, especially to Slovakia or Romania.

National bus lines

If you're planning a trip from Budapest to other Hungarian cities without rail connections, you'll probably use the services of Volánbusz, Hungary's largest bus company.

You can buy or check tickets and timetables on the website.

The central bus station for domestic services is at Népligét metro station.

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