Thermal baths in Budapest


Hungary is world renowned for its thermal baths and the capital Budapest is no exception. Many tourists even come here primarily for the spa, which is one of the largest, most famous and most beautiful in Europe. It would therefore be a sin not to miss a visit to at least some of them. So when you go to Budapest: take your swimsuit with you!

Hotels near the spa complexes

Therapeutic focus of the spa

More than 120 thermal healing springs rise to the surface from the depths beneath Budapest. The boreholes range from 120 to 1,300 metres deep and yield water rich in magnesium, bicarbonates, sulphites, fluorides and chlorides. Every day, the Earth produces 30 000m3 of medicinal water at a temperature of between 70 and 80 °C, which is cooled to between 30 and 45 °C and used at that temperature in the baths.

And for which diseases are the local spas ideal? If you suffer from the following ailments, you will definitely feel better after a day of bathing:

  • Degenerative joint diseases
  • Diseases of the spine
  • Joint inflammation and disc problems
  • Osteoporosis
  • Post-traumatic musculoskeletal problems
  • Neuralgia
  • Asthma and respiratory problems
  • Gynaecological difficulties

Practical information - how does the spa work?

Have you never been to a spa before and don't know what to prepare for? Imagine that a spa works like a large public swimming pool with many different types of pools. Anyone can enter the spa, stay as long as they like and use any of the available "attractions".

Each of Budapest's spas will offer classic swimming pools surrounded by up to several dozen different adventure and thermal pools. Some of them are massage pools, others let you load up in a steam room, and still others let you just sit on benches in shallow water and enjoy the water heated to 30 to 45°C while it's freezing outside.

In addition to the basic admission, you can pay for various individual treatments such as massages, pedicures and manicures.

Almost all spas have both outdoor and indoor facilities and all spas in Budapest are open all year round.

You must always bring your swimsuit, other equipment (towel, swimming cap, etc.) are always available for purchase on site.

Admission prices vary according to the specific spa and range from 2 200 huf to 13 000 huf per day, see below for detailed information on each spa.

Budapest's best spas: from Art Nouveau to Danube beaches

Budapest boasts several different spas spread throughout the city. It's not just the experience of staying in the healing waters, but also the environment you'll be in. You'll visit magnificent baths in Art Nouveau pavilions, open-air bathing areas with grassy beaches on the banks of the Danube and a 400-year-old Turkish bath.

Join us for a look at the 6 best spas in Budapest. For a complete list of all the spas in Budapest, visit the city's official website:

1. Széchenyi Thermal Baths

Europe's most famous and largest health spa will amaze you with its beautiful neo-Baroque buildings and a plethora of pools and other treatments that you can pay extra for. Széchenyi Spa is one of Hungary's national treasures and a must-visit.

2. Gellért Thermal Baths

Budapest's second largest thermal spa impresses with its magnificent Art Nouveau building complex and is connected to the 4* hotelem Gellért, whose guests have 1 free entrance to the spa. Although smaller than Szćhenyi's, Gellért Spa is one of the largest and most visited in Europe.

3. Thermal baths on Margaret Island

The popular leisure area on Margaret Island in the middle of the Danube attracts visitors not only to stroll through the park, but also to visit the Palatinus Thermal Baths, which are part of it. It combines a classic swimming pool with swimming pools, water slides and attractions with an indoor thermal area with healing and massage pools.

On the northern tip of the Margaret Island, you can then enjoy the wellness and spa facilities in the very private surroundings of the two thermal hotels, to which only hotel guests have access.

4. Turkish baths Rudas

For a dip into the secrets of the Orient, head to the oldest still-functioning Turkish baths, Rudas, with its exotic-looking interiors and 12 indoor thermal pools. There are Turkish steam baths, classic wellness pools and a swimming pool.

5. Lukács Thermal Baths

A smaller and somewhat forgotten spa named after St. Lukács can be found on the Buda side and is ideal for those looking for a quiet environment and few tourists. The one outdoor and 6 indoor thermal pools may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance, but on the other hand, chances are you'll be spending your relaxation here with only a few other visitors, unlike the very busy spa mentioned above.

6. Lukács Thermal Baths and Swimming Baths Dagály

One of Budapest's largest outdoor swimming pools combines a large open area with grassy beaches along the Danube, water slides and water attractions with a smaller indoor thermal area. Dagály is the ideal place to combine healing thermal baths, water fun with attractions and relaxing on the grass under the shade of trees.

Accommodation and travel to Budapest

It is much cheaper and more fun to go to Budapest on your own. So that you don't have to search through hundreds of hotel offers, we have prepared specific tips on the best hotels:

And what's the cheapest, quickest or most convenient way to get to the Hungarian capital? Check out the detailed chapter:

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