San Michele de Murato

San Michele de Murato

The interesting Romanesque church of St. Michael near the village of Murato attracts tourists with its ancient history, well-preserved appearance and distinctly unusual facade. If you are staying in the north-eastern region of Corsica, you should not miss this monument.

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History and atypical facade

The Church of San Michele is one of the few surviving Corsican monuments from the time when the island was ruled by the Pisan Republic, which architecture connoisseurs will know at a glance. The church is built in the classic Pisan Romanesque style, similar to the famous Cathedral of Pisa.

Construction probably began around 1140, but the church was not consecrated until 1280.

The façade of the church features a typical Pisan dark-white pattern, but unlike other churches of the same architecture, this pattern is distinctly asymmetrical, which adds to the church's uniqueness. The structure is a combination of white Carrara marble and grey-green serpentine pieces.

How to get to the church?

San Michele de Murato lies in the hills above Bastia (22 km) and the region of Nebbio, whose centre is the fishing town of Saint-Florent (16 km). You can only get here by car, there is no regular bus to Murato.

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