The village of Nonza is one of the most beautiful spots on the northern tip of Corsica and a popular destination when wandering along the coast. It has a small historic centre literally stuck on a rock promontory 110 metres above the sea, dominated by a watchtower dating back to the Genoese Republic.

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The rest of the small village is centred on the close surroundings of the rock promontory, screened on one side by green hills and on the other three sides by beautiful views of the sea roaring 100 metres below the village.

Nonza beach

To the north of the centre of Nonza is the beautiful wide and almost 1km long Nonza beach with its unusual black pebbles, which are virtually unheard of elsewhere in Corsica. It is because the beach is not sandy and Nonza is a little away from the main tourist streams that it is always almost empty, even in high season.

Access to the beach is possible either by a steep path directly from Nonza or by car along the winding asphalt road from the north side of the beach, which leads you almost to the sea.

How to get to Nonza?

There are no bus routes through the village and it is only accessible by car on the D80 road. The nearest town is Saint-Florent, 19 km away, and the nearest large town is Bastia, 33 km away.

What to see around

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