Christiania Gate

Christiania is a semi-autonomous community on the site of the original military barracks, which, after being abandoned by the soldiers in 1971, was occupied by hippies who established a state with its own currency and laws.

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Experience a throwback to the past as you stroll through the 1960s-era neighbourhood, dominated by Pusher Street, where you'll find dozens of stalls selling marijuana and hashish. Leave your cameras off.

What to experience and see in Christiania?

The neighborhood will offer a unique insight into the culture and life of a liberal hippie society with an anarchist self-government.

Since 1971, Christiania has been a squatter community with relaxed rules for the sale of "soft drugs". Although since 2004 the Danish state officially does not tolerate the public sale of drugs anywhere in the country, it is quite common to come across marijuana and hashish stalls in Christiania at any time of the day.

The architecture here is also unique, with relaxed building codes allowing for the creation of sometimes very goofy buildings that are more reminiscent of a gardening colony.

Christiania is also a popular destination for street-art artists.

Detailed information with a calendar of concerts and other cultural events can be found on Christiania's official website:

Is Christiania an independent state?

Christiania residents like to claim that they are an independent free city, standing outside EU territory and Danish law. They have their own flag, anthem and use their own currency, the løn.

In practice, however, only the flag (red with three yellow circles) is used. You can normally pay locally with Danish kroner and in some cafes and shops with a normal credit card.

Legally and de facto, Christiania is not an independent microstate, but only a district within Copenhagen with some autonomy, for example in the form of building laws.

Safety and rules in Christiania

Tourists are welcome here as they bring a significant source of income for the commune.

Christiania is a safe place, where you will of course get help from the regular Danish police or emergency services in case of problems.

However, certain rules apply on the famous Pusher Street also known as the Green Light District. This particular street is lined with marijuana and hashish vendors, and you'll encounter the ubiquitous no photography signs.

Obey this prohibition, don't run and don't talk loudly. You could give the impression you're calling the police.

Transportation to Christiania

The main entrance is from the corner of Bådsmandsstræde and Prinsessegade, with the nearest metro station being Christianshavn (lines M1 + M2), about 500 metres to the south.

Bus line 2A also runs along Prinsessegade.

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