Skiathos Island National Airport

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Skiathos Island National Airport in a nutshell

Krystof Hajek updated 10. 11. 2023

The Greek island of Skiathos has its own international airport on the eastern edge.

Skiathos Airport is known as the " St. Maartenof Europe" and is popular with aviation enthusiasts. Planes land just over the heads of onlookers standing on the beach or town street adjacent to the runway.

Many airlines fly to Skitathos from all over Europe between June and October. Most flights are operated by easyJet, or Ryanair.

Year-round flights can only ever be purchased with a connection in Athens via the airline's website

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The single terminal capacity is not sufficient for summer traffic. Be prepared for a shortage of seats. Queues for security checks can be up to 30 minutes long at times.

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