Transfer at Prague Airport

Charles Bridge in Prague

Prague Airport uses two terminals connected into one complex by a short connecting corridor. In case you arrive at the wrong terminal before departure by mistake, you can walk to the right place within 5 minutes through the interior.

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Completely separate from the main airport complex lies a third terminal, but this is only used for private and government flights.

Which terminal do you fly from?

The terminals in Prague are divided according to the destinations you are heading to.

  • Terminal 1 - handles all flights to non-Schengen countries
  • Terminal 2 - handles all flights to Schengen countries
  • Terminal 3 - used only for VIP and government flights

If your destination is outside the Schengen area but you are connecting in a Schengen area country, you will be checked in at Terminal 2.

Security and passport control

Terminal 1 has a central passport control, beyond which you will immediately be in the common transit area for all non-Schengen flights.

Each departure gate has its own security checkpoint, beyond which there are no other services apart from toilets.

On arrival at Terminal 1, be prepared for often very long and poorly organised queues at passport control. If you are an EU citizen, you can get through the automated and much faster counters. These automated gates can only retrieve a passport, not an ID card.

Terminal 2 has a central security checkpoint that flows into a common area for all flights to Schengen. There is no passport control.

Transfer between flights

Prague Airport is very well suited for connecting flights. If you have a guaranteed transfer (bought on one ticket) or are travelling with hand luggage only, you do not have to leave the transit zone at all.

The transfer is well signposted and realistically takes no more than 15 minutes from deplaning to boarding the connecting flight.

  • Schengen -> Schengen: you stay in terminal 2 and get off the plane straight into the departure gate area. You do not go through any checks.
  • Schengen -> Non-Schengen and vice versa: you pass through a short connecting corridor from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 (approx. 150 metres). Passport and security checks are carried out.
  • Non-Schengen -> Non-Schengen: you remain in Terminal 1 and exit the aircraft directly into the departure gate area. You go through security.

Terminal map

For an overview map of the entire airport, please visit the official website:

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