Parking at Prague Airport

Charles Bridge in Prague

If you're heading to Prague Airport by car, check prices and other information in this section.

Long-term parking

From 46 eur for a week, or from 52 eur in high season in summer, you can park in the private GO Parking lot about a 5-minute drive from the terminal (you will be taken to the airport immediately after parking by van for free). Book online via the website with our promo code "CLC001".

Park directly at the airport terminals in the "A" Smart car park in front of Terminal 2 and "C" Comfort car park in front of Terminal 1.

Smart offers parking for 64 eur per week, Comfort then for CZK 2,260 when booking online. In the summer season, prices are higher again, with Smart parking at 83 eur per week and Comfort parking at 99 eur.

Short-term parking

There are free express car parks for up to 15 minutes directly in front of Terminals 1 and 2, but you can pay for a further 15 minutes at 4 eur and even for a full hour at 7 eur. Free parking is limited to 1x15 minutes over 24 hours.

If you know you'll be staying longer than 15 minutes, stop in "Economy" parking lots B or C near Terminal 2 or behind the Courtyard Hotel. It costs one hour here 3 eur.

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