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The cheapest tickets with Transavia can be purchased on the carrier's website

Transavia is a low-cost carrier and does not offer connecting flights. If you want to buy two connecting flights, you need to buy each ticket separately.

When to buy tickets and prices

As a rule, Transavia releases promotional tickets about 4-6 months in advance.

Prices for one-way tickets on flights within Europe range from 35 eur for the cheapest to 250 eur for the most expensive dates, for example during the holidays or around Christmas.

The average price of a one-way Transavia ticket is usually around 80 eur.


Transavia only offers economy class on its aircraft.

The individual classes are then further differentiated into several groups, called fare families.

Ticket prices are higher with a higher fare class.

Tariff Cabin


Change of flight Seat selection
Basic 1 piece - small for a fee 50 eur
+ difference in fare
for a fee
Plus 1 piece - small 20 kg free of charge up to 14 days before departure
+ fare difference
(at the rear of the aircraft only)
Max 2 pieces 30 kg free of charge up to 2 hours before departure
+ fare difference

You can also see the differences between the different fares in the picture below.


Transavia has a wide network of routes that fly from their several hub airports.

Dozens of destinations mainly in Western Europe and along the Mediterranean, including an extremely wide portfolio of destinations in Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia are served from their main bases:

The most distant destinations are Senegal, Cape Verde and Dubai.

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Route map

To find out where Transavia flies, visit the destination list at

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