Transavia baggage


Transavia's Basic and Plus fares only allow you to carry one small cabin bag that fits under the seat in front of you.

A second larger hand luggage or checked baggage must always be purchased separately in the third step of the purchase process after filling in your personal details.

Tariff Hand luggage
40x30x20 cm
Hand luggage
55x35x25 cm
Checked baggage
Basic free 12 eur to 27 eur 22 eur up to 75 eur
Plus Free 12 eur up to 27 eur Free up to 20 kg
Max free free free up to 30 kg

Hand luggage

If you purchase a Basic or Plus fare and do not pay for a larger hand luggage allowance at the time of booking, you are only allowed to take on board a small luggage measuring 40 x 30 x 20 cm.

You can add a larger carry-on bag of 55 x 35 x 25 cm. The fee varies by route and is between 10 eur and 27 eur when booking online during the ticket purchase process.

If you arrive at the departure gate with extra baggage, you will pay 25 eur to 45 eur depending on your route.

The number of hand luggage is strictly controlled and unless you have purchased a second piece, you are not allowed to take on board even a handbag or bag from duty free shop extra.

The weight of hand luggage in total is set at a maximum of 10 kg, but is not checked very often.

Checked baggage

Checked baggage up to 20 kg is included in the Plus fare and up to 30 kg is included in the Max fare.

If you want to travel with checked baggage and don't need the added services of the Plus fare (the ability to change your ticket or choose a specific seat in the back of the plane), choose the Basic fare and add checked baggage in step 4 during the ticket purchase process.

In this case, you will pay approximately 20 eur less than if you choose the Plus fare.

The fees for checked baggage are as follows and depend on the length of the flight and the price of the basic ticket:

Total weight Fee for online purchase Fee when purchased at the airport
15 kg 22 eur - 45 eur 60 eur
20 kg 27 eur - 50 eur 70 eur
25 kg 31 eur - 63 eur 80 eur
30 kg 41 eur - 75 eur 100 eur

Strollers for children

If you are travelling with small children, you are automatically entitled to free carriage of both a pushchair and a car seat or travel cot.


Pets can be transported in the cabin and in the cargo hold, but only dogs or cats and not younger than 4 months. An animal carried in the passenger compartment must fit into a box measuring 40 x 30 x 24 cm.

The fee is 50 eur for carriage in the cabin and 77 eur in the hold. A ticket for the animal must be requested prior to purchase, where you will also be informed of the conditions of carriage.

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