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Fly Universal Air

You can buy tickets with Fly Universal Air mainly when travelling to Malta, but the airline also takes advantage of various subsidies and flies to other parts of Europe, for example from Pécs, Hungary. It also operates a route between Prague and the Sardinian city of Cagliari.

Fly Universal Air often has very favourable introductory fares on newly announced routes.

Tickets can be purchased via flyuniversalair.com.

When to buy tickets

Fly Universal Air has a slightly different pricing policy to other airlines and prices on its routes are often fixed for several months in advance.

If the cheapest fare sells out, tickets are available on higher fares, but again with the same prices for many weeks in advance.

To catch the cheapest fare, we recommend buying tickets when they go on sale, up to 4 months before departure.

Ticket prices

Fly Universal Air generally have very good prices especially over the peak summer season when prices are kept at a reasonable level ranging from 55 eur to 80 eur for a one way flight.

Compared to low-cost airlines, which can push the price into the upper hundreds of euros when demand is high, Universal Air's pricing policy is more predictable and convenient for passengers.

In addition, it is one of the few European airlines to offer free checked baggage in the basic price.

Fare classes

For the time being, tickets are sold in 4 fare classes. As the airline only operates small propeller aircraft, only economy class seating is always available. Individual fares differ only in flexibility.

  • Expedite - The cheapest fare, allowing no changes to the ticket and only on sale in exceptional cases
  • Explorer - allows flight date changes for 50 eur + surcharge up to the current fare
  • Executive - allows cancellation and refund after charge 35 eur, allows change of flight date for 35 eur + surcharge up to the current fare
  • Elite - allows cancellation and refund without charge, allows change of flight date only for a surcharge up to the current fare


Universal Air fly mostly from their home airport Malta MLA to mainly European destinations.

As it is a new airline, destinations change frequently. If you find this is not complete, please post a comment and below, helping us greatly to keep the content up to date. Thank you!

Destinations from Malta:

  • Athens
  • Corfu
  • Ibiza
  • Nice
  • Palermo
  • Pécs
  • Perugia

Destinations from Pécs, Hungary:

  • Corfu
  • Malta
  • Munich
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