Universal Air check-in

Fly Universal Air

Universal Air is a classic carrier and allows free check-in at the airport.

Check-in at the airport

Airport check-in is offered free of charge at all airports served by Fly Universal Air. Counter opening and closing times may vary by destination.

Generally, counters open approximately 2 hours prior to departure.

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Online check-in

You can check in from the comfort of your home via your computer or mobile phone at flyuniversalair.com. Click "Manage my booking", enter your booking code and check in.

You can print your boarding pass or, more conveniently, download it to the mobile app and simply scan the QR code at the airport.

Check-in opens 48 hours before departure, but you must print your boarding pass on paper. If you don't have the option to print, you can check in at the airport for free.

Seat selection

During the ticket purchase process, you can purchase your preferred seat in the better section of the aircraft for 5 eur.

However, there are always a few rows in the back of the aircraft which you can select for free during the ticket purchase process.

When you check in online, you can select a specific seat for free for all seats on the aircraft.

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